Jacuma Paradise Resort is located on the beach Jacuma in Santo André, bay, in the fantastic natural paradise, just 28 miles away. Porto Seguro Airport, where all necessary services, clinics, specialist doctors level, international banks shopping centers, restaurants all specialties and the largest entertainment center in Brazil with the most popular night clubs like Axe Moi exist Toa - Toa, Barramares etc. .. where the best live shows in the country instead. 
Santo Andre is a place without security problems, quiet and peaceful, no noise and where it is constantly in contact with nature in the wild.


Environmentally friendly

The Jacuma Paradise Resort is located in the nature reserve of Santo Antonio, and is a natural paradise with tropical greenery, the native wildlife and pristine beaches where it etc several varieties of exotic birds such as canaries, parakeets, macaws ... 
monkey white face and quiet beaches , sea turtles lay their nests with hundreds of eggs, and is a show, attend the birth of the young. 
ago our beaches is Charlotte, the fisheries in the world and is a fantastic place, Marlin and there are also tours as the second largest bank . whale watching 
during the development of the situation and the construction of the resort, with great care and taking into account the conservation of plants and animals over the ecosystem of the Atlantic rain forest, while the entire area with intact, maintained native vegetation and available to enjoy, such as nature has created.


Legal compliance and legal certainty.

The resort has all the statutory requirements and has the building and the surroundings of the city, the APA simultaneity of Santo Antonio approved, the authorization agreement State CEPRAN, architectural design and engineering, and the appropriate permissions Derba and Coelba . 
The resort is legally constituted and registered in the Registry of Property taken over by Santa Cruz Cabrália in its constitution, plans and standards, and each of the plots will be registered with a separate and independent and free entries in the name also registered new buyer immediately after the sale.


Quality and service

The Jacuma Paradise Resort also Ifyou in a natural forest at the edge of a fantastic pristine beach location, with the comfort of all desirable amenities: Fencing around the perimeter with protocols, Porter with caretaker -and- camera access control, Internet coverage in all apartments and public areas, 3G coverage mobile multivendor, telephone, satellite TV, intercom, to be the target, own electric transformer, water from private wells and community network private water reservoir is in every house, but overall the resort is connected, Gateways to the beach, shady spots on the beach.


The Paradise Club .

 For the exclusive use of the owner of the resort has lawns and gardens, a large swimming pool with bar and beach for children, sun terrace with loungers and parasols, a social meeting place and meals, gourmet range with grill, oven pizza, area for cooking and washing, 2 restrooms and outdoor showers.


Construction of houses .

the Bahia style has maintained the design of the famous architect Platilha Rosana with all safety requirements and desirable comfort in high-end homes: - raising the floor for insulation and moisture. - Pitched roof with concrete panel with polyurethane insulated. - Natural ventilation in the room. - Teja flat wood look that the house is great beauty and style of Bahia. - Living room with approximately 60 m2. and 5 meters high, with skylight, large windows with direct access from all sides on the deck.

- Floor Cement Finish burns. 
- Design staircase built in concrete 
- Four spacious suites with terraces, bathroom and utility room, guest toilet, kitchen in lounge bar, with service door and external laundry. 
- Wood Deck highest quality environment throughout the house . 
- installation of air conditioning in all bedrooms and living room. 
- Installation of solar water intake. 
- Jacuzzi pre-installation. 
- Install irrigation. 
- In bathrooms, double sinks over the bed, with hot and cold water in all taps and showers, as well as in the kitchen. 
- Individual septic tank for each house, with water separator field fats. 
- The main entrance and the suites are solid hardwood from tatajuba. 
- doors and windows of the lounge suites made ​​of tempered glass.



- The house stands on a reinforced concrete foundation, 
  which in turn supported on 40cm high concrete pillars 

- The masonry is made ​​of perforated bricks, in Bahia 
- The windows are covered with decorative concrete. 
- The upper facade is made ​​of decorative 
  stones, "spacato Gaza"

- ceiling is sloping concrete with skylight 
- The flat roof panels are made ​​of a 
  wood imitation 
- The covered entrance is a 
  wooden pergola on columns and beams 
- The balcony on the first floor has a rustic 
  wood railing

- The inner walls are plastered and with 
  painted colors according to customer's choice 
- The exterior walls have an outer plaster and 
  painted with colors with shades of Bahia.

- pass the flooring in all floors 
  of white, colored cement lining, called "Cimento          
  Queimado ".

Doors and windows 
- sliding doors of the rooms and suites consist of   
  tempered glass 
- sliding window also in tempered glass 
- interior doors are made ​​of tropical wood 
  and design according to customer. 
- The doors to the bathrooms of the suites are 
  sandblasted tempered glass. 
- The sliding door of the shower cubicle from 
  tempered glass.

- On request, doors and windows can be used to 
  slide made ​​of tropical wood with clear lacquer 
  are made. Charge as standard.

- Made of steel with concrete handrail and railing 
  rustic wood

- water pipes for cold and hot water 
  make Tigre or equivalent. 
- hot water by Solarenegie 
- water supply by general water of   
  Condominios and by its own well 
- Own water tank of Condominios 
- In each house two water tanks a 1.000ltr 
- pressure boosting system in each house 
of toilet bowl - white porcelain 
- Vanity from "Cimento Queimado" with two   
- Chrome mixer taps 
- kitchen sinks stainless steel.

- The hot water in the suites and in the kitchen       
  comes from the Solarenegieanlage with collector 
  with 400ltr tank.         

- granite countertop and stainless steel sink 
- grease trap in the drain 
- window to the bar and serving table 
- pre-installation for dishwasher

Electrical system
- pipes in the wall in empty pipes 
- each floor a fuse box 
- Connections for TV and Telephone in all 
  suites and living rooms 
- switch for light ceiling fan in all 
  suites and living areas 
- Pre-Installation Jacuzzi tub 


- Heller cement floor "Cimento Queimado" in all   
- Optional to customer: natural stone, 
  sandstone Jacobina cream pink, other colors of the   
  "Cimento Queimado", ceramic or stone imitation 
  beige in color.

- flooring made ​​of granite, marble, etc., 
- wooden platforms all with extra charge for 
  basic equipment

- up to a height of 1.2 m "Cimeto Queimado" in 
  different colors 
- shower cubicle with "Cimento Queimado"

- Walls tiled with natural stone or tiles. 
- shower box: tiled with tiles or 
  glass fragments

- All suites with a plant 9.000BTU, 
- in the living room 2 units with 4 12.000BTU and 
  natural ventilation facilities

- Deck made ​​of tropical wood, approx 100m2.

- Jacuzzi tub: provided on the cover of 
- present Master Suite, pre-installation, the 
  tub itself is not included in the price.    

- Outside the entrance area is the pergola with 
  round columns and wooden beams running

- kitchen with door to the service area 
- At the back of the house there is an 
  open service area with connections for a 
  washing machine.


Private wells for each house


Execution of construction
After signing the contract the buyer in the construction, all materials according to standard or special request set.


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